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„dogs in translation“: Linda Tellington-Jones live im Gespräch mit den Autorinnen Katja Krauß und Gabi Maue 28.01. 19 Uhr

Please join Linda on Saturday, January 28th, 10am PST as she interviews authors Katja Krauss and Gabi Maue, both prominent Tellington TTouch teachers. They will discuss multiple subjects: the best-selling book, Dogs In Translation; the influence of the Tellington Method on this book; Katja’s dog school (the largest in Berlin); her training programs for mold detection and more.

Dogs In Translation is a ground-breaking, 468 page book that fully acknowledges dogs as sentient beings. The remarkable range of photographs, coupled with sensitive and perceptive commentary, gives us the means to understand, and help, our dogs as never before.

Spanning over a decade of observation; canine behaviorists, Katja and Gabi complied a remarkable library of more than 1300 photographs which demonstrate the myriad ways in which dogs indicate their mood and intentions. The result is this extraordinary pictorial analysis through the emotional world of the dog, each photograph analyzed.

You too can learn to read and understand those subtle signals dogs use to voice their concerns or discomfort and you can hone your communication skills with your favorite four-legged.

Katja and Gabi will guide us through a series of photographs to show dogs expressing a variety of emotions, fear, sadness, annoyance, anger, rage, revulsion/disgust and joy and provide evidence of how dogs experience these feelings.

We invite you to join us in this informative and inspiring discussion.

Hinweis: Das Interview findet live statt. Es wird auch aufgezeichnet. Wer es also nicht live sehen kann, kann sich trotzdem registieren lassen, um es später anzusehen.

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